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Husband & wife team Tim & Meg Gleason opened the doors to Elevate Nutrition in 2015.  Elevate Nutrition is truly a mom/pop owned, neighborhood nutrition store providing high quality supplements that aid in improving your life, specializing in multivitamins, pre-workout shakes, fish oil, kids vitamins, and much, much more!

What makes Elevate Nutrition unique?
Tim Gleason is truly Maple Shade's community nutritionist.  He has helped coach, support & motivate hundreds of people get control of their health & make positive changes that stand the test of time.  Many chain supplement stores hire hourly employees that aren't well versed in the product they sell. Not the case with Elevate Nutrition. Tim graduated with a BS in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Fitness, Health, and Nutrition from San Diego State University.  He has worked as a nutritionist, physical therapist & pharmaceutical rep, as well as having managed 5 supplement stores over the past 9 years. He knows his stuff.

When you visit Elevate Nutrition, you truly get a one-of-a-kind customer experience.  Tim will meet with you to learn more about your health journey & concerns, then will provide you with a customized "Good Health Script" that will map out your short term & long term goals.   

Take a seat at the bar!  
If there is a shake you'd like to try, Tim will mix one up for you to sample - on the house!