Nighttime Casein Protein

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Nighttime Casein Protein

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27 Servings
by About Time

AboutTime’s Nighttime Recovery Formula, ZZ™, is specially formulated to help you relax, recover, and sleep better after an intense training session. Our clean formula is created with slow-digesting micellar casein, coconut oil powder, tryptophan, and melatonin. These are all the essential ingredients to ensure you can sleep better at night and let your muscles repair. This zero-sugar, no artificial sweeteners, 139 to 146 calories per serving, and non-GMO micellar casein protein formula is loaded with all kinds of good stuff to help with night time muscle and energy recovery, while allowing you to get a good night’s sleep. Plus, its packed with 22 to 24 grams of protein, which feeds your muscles and helps strengthen them after a workout. ZZ™ is the perfect supplement for anyone who trains daily and intensely. It allows athletes to continue to train at a high intensity level, multiple times a day, without feeling incredibly sore after. Since rest and recovery is an essential step involved with training, ZZ™ is the perfect formula to help your body recover so that you can sleep without being sore, and help your body continue to intensely train. ZZ™ is the perfect alternative to sleep medication, or supplements that might harm your body and when you’re training and sore, it can be hard to fall asleep. ZZ™ nighttime recovery formula provides both protein and safe sleep support without giving your body harmful ingredients. With our two delicious flavors: peanut butter and chocolate, ZZ™ also helps to fill your sweet-tooth craving! Give your body the nighttime recovery supplement it needs today and get good night’s sleep, while letting your muscles recover and repair with AboutTime ZZ™.

✔ Infused with Coconut Oil Powder
✔ Sweetened with Stevia
✔ Contains 1mg Melatonin
✔ Gluten Free

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