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AJ Dybka

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tony west

Tony West.  What a guy. Tony is the guy who always greets everyone who walks into the store with the biggest smile & the most genuine desire to help.  Self-described as creative, driven & smart. We couldn’t agree more. Tony brings so much to the Elevate table. He not only sells product & connects with all customers, he pushes the boundaries each & every day personally by planning events/marketing plans for his video company 4N, edits/produces videos, mixes & masters music, paints, reads (Last book? Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell), attends church & makes time each day for a prayer & organizing his daily agenda.  

Tony has been an incredible asset to the Elevate Nutrition family. He uses product (Favs? MacroGreens & SARM) & understands that making small changes to your lifestyle WILL yield big results...that nothing happens overnight.  Tony dreams of traveling to at least 10 countries someday & is patient as he organizes his gameplan in making that dream a reality. His motto: “Learn to fall in love with the hard times in life & understand they are strengthening you” truly sums Tony up.  We think he will dominate whatever he sets out to do someday because of his fierce devotion to friends/family as well as his drive & ambition to lead. Swing by on Sundays to meet Tony so he can help YOU on your journey to good health!